How I try to get a good sleep in hospital

Hospital wards can be noisy places and I’ve found that sometimes night is worse than day.

These are my tips for trying to get some decent rest:

Take your own pillow, blanket and hot water bottle.

My nice snuggly fleecy throw

Wear earplugs or listen to some music. A subscription to Spotify or Deezer is well worth the money. You can listen to a predefined sleep playlist or create your own. Avoid heart-rending ballads and try some instrumentals. Zen or Spa music is great for creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Keep a diary – pen and paper for preference, or most smartphones have notekeeping apps such as Evernote.  You will sleep better if you can clear your mind of any potentially disruptive thoughts.

Consider keeping a journal

Stick to a routine if you can.

If you do have a restless night then make sure you get some rest later in the day.

Sweet dreams

If you have any tips of your own, please share in the comments below, thank you.

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