Don’t Wait

After my earlier post I was browsing and came across this uplifting blog and just wanted to share. This post in particular made me think of the phrase “don’t count the days, make the days count”

As an oncology parent we have to do a lot of waiting. Waiting for results, waiting for appointments, waiting for the morning doctors rounds and more. How should we fill that time?

I found that doing something creative helps, especially crochet. But you could pass the time with a colouring book, keep a journal, write a blog (!), edit some photographs, make up stories, tell some jokes – yes, laugh! – give yourself a manicure, give someone else a manicure. Just do something other than wait!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Wait

    1. We always say that there’s real time and there’s hospital time. We also joke that all appointments given out for check ups in daycare are 11am! You won’t get seen at that time because ten other families have the same appointment 😂

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