Getting ready for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

On behalf of all children who have had a cancer diagnosis, but especially for my son, I have chosen to go without some of the things I like the most during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month of September. The final challenge will take place in October. 
Many oncology children have to give up things they enjoy doing because they have no choice. 
My challenges will be as follows:
Week 1 – Giving up drinking tea for seven days

Week 2 – Giving up eating cake and desserts for seven days

Week 3 – Walking to work instead of taking the bus

Week 4 – Giving up the Internet for seven days*

*this will take place in October as I need to make the most of the Internet during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 
I have chosen Be Child Cancer Aware because they were the first in the UK to fund and distribute awareness cards to the community, and also sponsor the Beads of Courage program which supports and encourages children through their treatment by presenting them with different beads for each separate procedure etc.
You can donate at

Thank you for your support 🎗

6 thoughts on “Getting ready for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

  1. Hi Marie-Celine.
    Please feel free to use the shop to put leaflets and a collection tin and anything else you think will help.
    Good luck
    Sharon (Avicraft) xx


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