Happy New Year

This time last year I was at my son’s side while he was having chemo. It seems so hard to believe that so much has happened to him in the last twelve months. He is a survivor though, and for that I’m very grateful. 

Some people have not been so lucky. My thoughts are with their families. Their memories will not be left behind but will be held very close as the coming months will bring anniversaries of everything that has happened. 

I hope that 2016 brings peace and comfort to those who are suffering grief. And strength to those who still have a battle to fight. And to my son, I say, “Stay awesome” …

Fundraising for my son

As well as trying to help others, our family has it’s own ongoing cancer battle.

Please help me to raise awareness of childhood cancer by sharing the link to my son’s page http://www.gofundme.com/help4steven

We need help meeting the additional costs associated with having a child in hospital. It will cost us more than £100 per week to visit the hospital after my son has his operation.

Thank you for your support

Help for others…

An excellent blog post about anxiety:


The last post I wrote was me apologising for not writing and I promised I would write more. I didn’t stick to what I had promised, and I again… apologise. It seems all I’m doing at the moment is apologising.

My anxiety is at a all time high and all I seem to be doing is arguing and worrying. Things have gotten out of hand with my anxiety and I have come to the conclusion that I really do need help. Outside of my friends/ family and boyfriend. They try there best but to be honest it doesn’t help. They may distract me for a couple of hours but its still there nagging in the back of my mind.

Morbid thought.. Anxiety is like the grim reaper… always there, it never leaves, at any one time it could happen. WOW…. Deep.

Anyway I thought I’d make a post about what…

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School holidays

School holidays – love them or hate them? Personally, I love them.

For families with a sick child, provided that hospital visits can be avoided, the holidays are an excellent opportunity for days out with the whole family.

There are often free exhibitions and activities planned for school holidays, so it doesn’t have to be expensive. If the weather is nice, pack up a picnic and enjoy the outdoors.

Whatever you do, seize the moment and make it count!

I am a parent of a child with cancer and I would like to help other parents of children with cancer. Experience has shown me that there are many ways that life changes after a cancer diagnosis.

The aim of Bubblewish is to promote awareness of Childhood Cancers through my various ramblings.

Other parents are welcome to contribute articles and join in with the discussions by commenting or via the contact form.

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